Bookshelves for Your Kids Bedroom Decor

Having a kid in a family is an interesting thing. Introducing new things to the toddler is a new challenge for parents. Many strategies is applied in order to make the toddler familiar with many thing. One thing that may make some parents dizzy is about reading habit. Many strategies applied to make them love reading such as picking colorful books, picking interesting stories, finding the audio books, and still many more things. One new way to introduce reading habit to children is to provide interesting place for them to be around the book, such as providing a unique bookshelf. Basically there are two main things to make attract children they are the unique shape of the shelf and the color of the shelf.

Unique Shape

The advanced technology makes us possible to create various shape of bookshelf. There are many shapes of  bookshelf right now, such as trees, houses, trains, animals, and many more. It is better to choose the shape that our children love the most. When seeing the thing that they love, at least they will approach it and explore it. Considering the age of the children, it is suggested that the height of the shelf is in the logical measure of the children. it is to avoid the children who will face difficulties in reaching the books while exploring their new shelf.

Other advantage of using unique bookshelf is that it can be a room ornament in the same time as it becomes the book storage. Putting this bookshelf in the right corner of the house will maximizing its functions, both as a storage and as an ornament.

Appleshine Kids Bookshelf

Appleshine Kids Bookshelf

Interesting Color

Having their favorite color around them can make children feel comfortable and love to spent more time there. The interesting or their favorite colors can be applied in the room where their books is stored or in the bookshelf. Mixing colors in one frame is another challenge for parents. Especially when there are more than one color that is loved by our children. If the color that they love is not matched to be applied together, it is better to try other solution e.g: choose other color which is not their favorite.

This trick can be a way to introduce them to know or love other color. It is better that each color that is picked has meaning. Thus, when children ask us (the parents) why we choose that color we have strong and educative reason for that.

Basically, introducing anything to children has great challenge. We must have strong reason why we choose certain thing to be introduced to our children and not the other one(s). However, there must be always a way out for a challenge. Introducing reading habit to children often bring confusion to parents. There have been at least two solutions, the first one is to provide a unique shape of bookshelf to attract children attention. The second one is to garnish the bookshelf or the reading room with the color that they love.


Creative and Colorful Bookshelves For Kids Bookcase

Creative and Colorful Bookshelves For Kids Bookcase

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