Adding Wood Pallet in Your Living Room

Wood pallet has other benefits than just becoming a goods’ container. If it’s in the right hands, it will be the great material as furniture in your living room. Moreover, some pallet furniture ideas can be implemented easily. Wood pallet’s appearance is flexible; you can event paint it if you dislike its original color. However, even though it seems to be perfect as your furniture material, wood pallet also has its own controversy. Many people believe that wood pallet has higher possibility of containing chemicals and bacteria. That’s why you need to understand how to find the right place for getting the right wood pallet.

Wood Pallet Furniture Ideas

If you want to implement pallet furniture ideas, tables and chairs are the best start. You can build tables from the front side of the wood pallet; the side that is consisted from several pieces of woods. You can build the leg by using the outer board of the wood pallet or you can install new table legs, or you can even make it easier for you by installing wheels. Covering the table’s surface with glass in the same size will make it great, but make sure that the glass is attached to the table properly. On the other hand, you can table together with beer or wine cooler on it by making two holes in the table’s surface for the ice buckets. You need extra woods to make it more sustainable. If you like the original shape of the wood pallet, you can make coffee table from it. When you put wood table above another wood pallet, you can make simple shelves from them.

Wood Pallet Furniture Ideas

Wood pallet also can be made into chairs. The back of the chair’s shape can be made according to your ideas. Besides chairs, wood pallet also can be shaped into comfortable sofa. In your living room, you need many wood pallets for the leaning, bigger wood pallets for both the base and the back. This sofa will be suitable when it’s being paired with wood pallet coffee table.

Besides chairs and tables, there are many ways to implement wood pallet. You can install the wood pallet into one side of the wall, use it as material for bar table and wine shelves (and LED lighting can be installed under the shelves for dramatic result), television stands, cabinets, shoes cabinet, and many more.

Getting the Best Wood Pallet

Although it seems easy, getting the right material for fulfilling your pallet furniture ideas is actually hard. There are places that widely known as the heaven of wood pallet, such as port, hotels, restaurant, and equipment stores. But you also can get wood pallet from pet supply store, construction site, or small business dustbin. The most important rule about getting the best wood pallet is by always asking. Some small businesses don’t have place to recycle the wood pallet. But it doesn’t mean you can take the wood pallet freely because other small businesses may have their own recycle place.

Getting Wood Pallet

There are also wood pallet conditions that you should avoid: wood pallet that smells weird and unusual, wood pallet that is very heavy, wood pallet whose nails are twisted (because you need to work extra hard to take the nails), and wood pallet that looks oily.

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