White Modern Bedroom for Cozy Atmosphere

Modern is always the favorite style when it comes to bedroom. Why? It is because modern means simple and declutter. Moreover, in modern style, you can also enhance the luxury and glamor look. Those are the great thing to make you sleep better at night. Ambience, nuance, and atmosphere are the combination to make you feel good. Modern is always good to have. If you want to have one in your room, there are some rules that you have to follow. This is an inspiration for you if you are clueless and don’t know what to do to get white modern bedroom.

Italian White Modern Bedroom

Image Source: Addodecor.com

The Color

As stated in the title, the best color for this style is white. It’s because white is closely related to modern. In modern, it’s recommended to use neutral color, like black, white, and the combination of them both. However, in this style, we’re going to discuss about anonchromatic color. If you think having all-white bedroom is boring, you should think again. White comes in many shades. You just have to combine which one is right. Ivory white, cream white, until broken white; all are great to be put in your bedroom. However, if you want to add another color that is matched with white, you can use it as the background, not as a combo partner with white.

Modern White Bedroom with Sleek Furniture

Image Source: Homefurnituredesignideas.blogspot.com

For instance, you want a brown color as a background. It’s better to have wooden furniture. Wood furniture will complement your white modern bedroom. Who said that wood is only for rustic style? In fact, you can also add wooden furniture in a modern style. The difference with rustic look is, in modern, you should be able to find wood which has lighter brown shades. On the contrary, in rustic look, darker wood will suit best. In wooden modern style, the lighter hues will match the white color. To use it as a background, you can choose wooden tiling laminated floor. Another thing is, you can create a several inches stage for your bed. The stage is also made of wood. You can also add it up in the decoration. Hang some pictures with wooden frame on the wall.

The Design

Don’t use a large bed. Instead, only use a mattress which should be put on the wooden stage. The wooden stage should be in the center of the room. So, it could catch the eyes of the visitors. In one side of the wall, on the left side, cover it up with closet, while on the right side, install a huge glass window which will deliver a view to your garden. Upon the head side of the bed, you can have wooden shelves as well for organizing your stuffs, like pictures or other decorations. And upon the shelves, install other windows, smaller than ones you installed on the right side of your bed, but can deliver sunlight. All of those stuffs should be white, except the tiling and the stage. Your white modern bedroom would attract the eyes.

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