Victorian Bedroom Style for Romantic Look

If you’d like to enhance the romance atmosphere in your bedroom, then it’s better for you to consider using victorian bedroom style. This is a kind of style which will never fail to make you feel love and romance. As you may have known, victorian style is actually an old fashioned style, but still look stunning in this modern era. Thus, you have to be able to combine modern and mid-centuries sensation in your bedroom. It’s true that there are endless ways to decorate your bedroom in Victorian look. It depends on your creativity and imagination to make your private space as comfortable as possible. However, if you’re really clueless and don’t know what to do to remodel your bathroom in victorian style, here are the ideas that you can see.

Victorian Master Bedroom with Classical Curtains

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The Concept and the Arrangement

When it comes to the concept, you can choose an open-bedroom for victorian bedroom style. What is an open-bedroom? It’s when there’s no separation or wall in your bedroom, either it’s for bathroom or closet. It may sound strange at first, but when it’s applied, you’ll find that it’s the best idea ever, especially if you have small bedroom and you want to make it appear bigger. Open bedroom should also let your bedroom full of fresh air and light as long as you install a huge glass window in one side of your wall. If you think having open bedroom with a huge glass window will violate your privacy, it’s recommended for you to build the room in one secluded area in your house, fenced with high green planting to make sure you’re covered up.

White Victorian Bedroom Idea

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For the arrangement, let the bed be the central of attention. It should be placed in the middle of the room. So, when you open your bedroom door, the first thing you’ll find is the bed. Below the bed, on the left side, you can place the vintage bathtub with clawed feet. On the opposite side of the bathtub, you can place hanging level shelves that should contain your towels, bathrobes, and such.  Next to it, if there’s any left space available, you can also install the sink and one huge mirror like ones you can see in the bathroom. And on the left side of the shelves, you can place your closet.

The Decoration and the Tiling

Oak floorboard in wide-plank is recommended for the tiling. And for the pattern, you can choose the geometric one for your victorian bedroom style. It’s a timeless patten that can suit both modern and oldish style. If you want a division that can part your bed and the bathroom, you can have free standing vieques bath. And for the closer or wardrobe wall, you can choose fabric fronted one. When it comes to the color, the wall should be entirely white. For the tiling patterns, it’s better to choose blue, the same with the color of your bedsheet. This will create balance and harmony in your bedroom that you need.

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