Small Kid’s Room Decorate Idea

Who says kid’s room supposed to be large and big? Well, yes kids like to play around here and there in a big space. But it doesn’t mean you can make it with a small spaces. With some tricks to make the small spaces support all the kids activity and functioned well, you can make your kids enjoy their time in that small spaces. With quality furniture and perfect flooring, it would be nothing but playful and comfortable. So, here are some of the small kid’s room decorate idea to deal with your small spaces.

Floor Space

The first thing to consider in a small kid’s room decorate idea is a floor space to play. When you do the flooring, consider to leave some floor space for your kids to play. Put a bed or twin bed in the longest wall and put a colorful and comfortable carpet in the floor space.

Wooden Floor

Wood floor is perfect for a small kid’s decoration idea because your kids may like bicycling or rollerblading on the floor. So, put a carpet on some space and left some other space in a wooden floor for them to play. If you have a long and narrow room, consider applying a horizontal wood flooring to make it looks wider.


Natural lighting is always perfect. Moreover, when you have a small room, an outdoor view is something important to allow you see the other spacy area outside the room.

Reduce Excessive Noise

Consider to use some small and neutral decoration rather than some big and excessive noise on the decoration. You can apply some pop out color for other option.

Enclosed Bed

Remember when you were a kid, how you love to sleep in an enclosed bed. Besides, the enclosed bed will also help you differ the sleep area and play area for the kid. Extra storage like drawers in a bed frame will also perfect to deal with the small spaces.

kid's room decorate idea

Wall Painting

The color of the wall could also help you make the room looks wider than it’s really area. Apply some monochrome or light color like light blue. You can also make it a little more decorative by painting sky and clouds in the ceiling of the room. Besides making it looks wider, it will also make your kid a little more imaginative.

Dark Fabric

Dark color of the fabric will help you hide some stain a little. It is because kids are more likely to draw or paint in their bed and you can’t control this one. Consider choosing dark color fabric to hide the stain rather than washing it every now and then.

No Electronic Furniture

Just let your kids gain their physical activity even in their bedroom. Provide them space to play, restful atmosphere to sleep and colorful (with right combination of color) area to improve their creativity. Beside the electronic furniture like television or computer is kind of bad for their brain, it also bad for the look of the room. It will ruin the view of kiddy.

small kid's decoration idea

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