Small Bedroom Decorate Idea

Bedroom is such a private place which are usually designed according to the owner’s personality. In some point, bedroom also has to be designed according the owner’s needs. It could be the place to have a rest after a long day, or it could also be the place to enjoying me time by reading books, watch DVD or just daydreaming. When you only have a small spaces for your bedroom, you can also make it the most comfortable spot to spend your time in your house. Here are some of the small bedroom decorate idea.

Bed Headboard

If you want to make your bedroom looks larger, apply the head of the bed in opposite of the longest wall. If you have long and narrow bedroom, place the bed in the corner of the room so you can manage the rest of the room for another furniture and decoration.

Built-in Headboard

Instead of having a nightstand, a built-in headboard in your wall is better. There are many advantages of this built-in headboard. It can be functioned as shelves, extra storage, lighting and even decoration. Arrange some decoration like vases, books, photograph and some other decoration in an artistic way so it would be an artistic headboard for your bed.

small bedroom decorate idea

Bed Size

Even you have a small room, doesn’t mean you only allowed to add a small bed, because the bed itself could be a decoration if you know how. Choose the color of the bed and pillow cloth which are correlate to the theme of your bedroom.

Large Vas

A small bedroom also needs decoration. Small decorations will make your bedroom looks crowded and full. Choose a large vas as a decoration in your nightstand, so it will look like a focal view of your bed.

Full-length Mirror

A mirror always fits for the small spaces idea. As for small bedroom decorate idea, a mirror is also needed in your daily activity. A mirror in your bedroom functioned to check yourself out before going outside. And a full-length mirror is a perfect one to check yourself out.Place the full-length mirror near or across your window so it will amplify available light and makes the size of the room looks doubled. If you have limited spaces, place the mirror in the back of your bed or create it in the closet door.

Multi-functioned Bed

This will be perfect for a small bedroom ideas. Choose a sofa bed that can be used as sofa at day and can be used as bed at night. Add some cushion to make it more comfortable. You can also choose a foldable bed so that you can fold it out when it’s not needed and open it when it’s bed time.

small bedroom decorate idea

Extra Storage on Bed Frame

Choose a bed frame that can provide you extra storage like drawer in the platform of in the bed foot. You can also create the storage by yourself by putting some decorative basket under your bed or in the foot of your bed.


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