Simple but Fun Ways to Adorn Your Kids’ Rooms with Chalkboard Paint

For kids, blackboard can always remind them about the fun learning activities they have at school or even the time when they play around happily with friends at their age. This can be taken as basic reason to use chalkboard paint to decorate the kids’ room in your house. Of course these kids’ room decorations are made to be different from real blackboard usually found at schools even if the basic idea is quite the same, in which the painted wall can really be used to draw and write by using chalks. The first way to use the paint is related to the furniture in the kids’ bedrooms. By Painting some parts or whole parts of the furniture with this paint, you can factually make the furniture to have multi-function value. If you place a drawer furniture in the bedroom and it is painted in chalkboard, you will not only able to write on the front part of each drawer the type of clothing items you store inside so your kids will be able to find these easily. Instead, you will also get an extra chalkboard on every side of the furniture. Your kids can use this to spend time drawing and you only need to provide chalks in various colors.

Kids' Room Chalkboard

Other way to make kids’ room decorations with chalkboard paint as the main medium is by decorating the inner part of the room’s door by using the paint. Factually, the idea that is brought in this one is quite the same with the idea mentioned in the previous example. The difference is located in the fact that there is so space taken from the room size in order to create this decorative item. This is a really suitable idea to pick when the size of your kids’ bedroom is not that big. By adding this decoration, the tiny bedroom can have a better level of fun which will make your kids to feel like staying in the house comfortably.

Chalkboard Paint Room Decoration

The last way to create the chalkboard kids’ room decorations is by choosing a wall side in the bedroom and then painting the entire surface with the paint selection we talk about since the very beginning. Adding this decorative detail will make your kids feel like they have a really large blackboard in their room which can be used for many things, including also studying. Applying this idea as well as the previous ones, you may not forget to clean the wall regularly in order to avoid dusty look which will only create dirty impressions in the room. Other than this, you may not forget also to clean the room every day to remove the dust resulted from the use of real chalks for different kinds of activities can be done on the wall that is already painted black. The last but not least thing you must remember before creating the decorations please make sure that your kids are not allergic to dust so nothing can harm them while playing with the decorations you create.

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