Recreating and Remodeling Bedroom for Winter

As winter comes, it is the time for you to recreate your bedroom into something cozy and comfortable during the snow storm. No matter where you live, winter or rainy season, where the temperature drops and make you shiver, the nights are usually long and cold. Gloomy weather should not let you down. To keep you cheered, why don’t you lift your moods by making a makeover for your bedroom? Don’t worry; it doesn’t cost you much to turn your bedroom into something warm. No matter how cold outside, you can always be warm and comfortable inside your own bedroom. Here are the things to recreate a bedroom for winter.

Wintry Bedroom

Color and Texture

As you may have known, there are certain colors that can make you feel cold or warm. First, you just have to pick the right color. The right color for the winter season is the saturated and deep tones. There are some accents that can support the deep tones. Choose ruby red, amethyst purple, sapphire blue or emerald green. Those are the tones that will not fade out even in the dim light of the winter. Beside, those tones are rich and will make you feel cozy and warm. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to cover all over your bedroom with those colors. Just pick several items for to accentuate the color will be enough. For the basic color, you can choose the muted winter color, like chocolate brown, mossy green or creamy white.

After that, you can choose the texture. It is time for you to remove those low pile area rugs, lightweight drapes or smooth cotton. Those are the best for summer, but not for winter. When it comes to winter, add some textures in your bedroom with faux fur, shag, heavy fabrics, or knits. You can even add the touch of leather and denim. It is even better if you add some shiny objects as the decoration. Mirror as the reflective surface, or metal and glass, will reflect the light to all over the room. This will give you brightness and cheer you need during the gloomy weather.

Bedroom for Winter


Remove your current accessories as well. When making a makeover bedroom for winter, you do not need to make a huge difference. All you have to do is just switching some accessories. Here are some ideas of inviting accessories. First, throw pillows. Remove those floral, dots, stripes, or even small geometrics patter ones. Instead, choose the ones with animal prints, chevrons, or snowflakes. Next, change the window covering. To make it simple, you can add a wintery neutral color scarf in it. For the lights, a string light that is put around your headboards or curtain will never fail to give you romantic feeling.

Last, give your room a extra warmth with a shaggy rug. Don’t forget to choose a rug with large patterns or solid colors. Wall decals with wintery theme can also be the good accessories for a nice and cozy bedroom for winter.

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