Great Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom with Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint may not be the one you have ever though using in your bedroom area. However, you really need to know that this type of paint can add a high level of fun and decorative value in your very own bedroom. In simple words, it is right to say, a lot of great ideas to decorate your bedroom with the paint can really be apply. Instead of hard and need a lot of effort, these ideas are factually quite simple. The best thing of all, these ideas are also really flexible that you will be able to change the decoration in bedroom with a very low cost. What are those chalkboard paint décor ideas?

Chalkboard Paint Decor for BedroomThe first type of chalkboard paint décor idea you can apply in your bed chamber is the idea to color the whole surface of wall on side of your bed’s head with the paint. At a glance, it seems there is nothing special about this black blank wall. Of course you see it this way. The visual effect of this wall can be seen when you draw something on the wall by using chalk, no matter whether it is white chalk or color chalk. In this case, the most popular decorative image you should draw on the wall is none other but the image of headboard. This idea will not only allow you to have any type of ‘headboard’ you want by simply drawing it on the right position on the wall near the head of the bed. This is also the one that will help you quite a lot in saving money since there is no need for you to purchase headboard anymore. Moreover, if you want to draw a headboard which in real life will cost you a very lot of money, such as a headboard with pillars, with the help of the wall this is definitely very possible for you to get and the cost you need for this is so little since you only need to buy the chalks.

Creative Chalkboard Paint DecorIf you are not interested in creating the previous example of chalkboard paint décor, there is no need to worry. There is still another example you can try to make at the bedroom too. The idea meant here is for you to paint a small part of your bedroom wall with the paint and the size is basically up to you. After you finish painting the wall, the only thing you need to do is finding a frame in the size of the painted wall and then using it to frame the chalkboard wall. This way, you will not only able to get a special space to write a note you need to read right after waking up. You can also get a very flexible space for creating any drawing you want, erasing it later, and then replacing it with the new one whenever you want to. With a lot of benefits like these, this simple and cheap decorating idea is really worth a try, right?

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