Decorate Your Bed Affordably with DIY Pallet Headboard

Getting bored of the old headboard you use to decorate the bed you own, please do not be in a rush in buying a new one since there is a quite interesting DIY idea you may want to try. The idea meant here is the making of pallet headboard to replace the old one. This pallet decorate idea will not only give you the new decoration you need in order to enhance the look of your bedroom in overall and your bed in a more specific way. Instead, this is also the one can be done in a more affordable way. The price you have to pay to purchase the pallets needed here is so possible to be lower than the prices applied to regular headboard which are already made and sold. With the combination of those two main benefits, it is quite recommended for you to give tis DIY project idea a try.

Making Pallet Headboard

Various Style of Headboard You Can Consider

When it can be said that regular headboard sold at local store may be limited in style so there is a chance for you not to be able to find the style you love the most, this pallet decorate idea actually leads you to a larger choices of style for the bed decoration. Obviously, it is related to the fact that you can create the headboard on your own. If you need an example, there is a pallet headboard that is made in white-washed headboard which can be made in any size you need. This style gives the decoration a certain rustic look.

DIY Pallet Headboard

Even so, the whitish color it has still makes the headboard to be suitable for any modern bedroom. As suggestion, it is so much better if you also consider doing a makeover to the bed in order to make it has the same white-washed effect. Other than this style, the one with shelf is another one recommended for you because extra storage in your bedroom is the extra advantage you will get. The last but not least example is painted pallet headboard which will make it simpler for you to match the color of the new decoration and the color of your bed.

Pallet Headboard as Wall Accent

Pallet Headboard That Also Functions as Accent Wall

If none of the previous suggestion from the pallet decorate idea arrest your attention the most, it seems great for you to try something more fascinating as well as bigger in scale. The thing is nothing else but creating a new pallet headboard that also functions as accent wall in your bedroom. In this case, you are suggested to make the decoration in wall height. This can be even better if the pallet decoration is also made to be permanently attached to the wall in order to make it stronger. If you want to, you can also use the pallet to cover the ceiling above the bed right in the exact same size of the bed. This way, you will not only create an accent wall but possibly also a new focal point in your bedroom.

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