Classic Bedroom Decoration for Elegant Look

Classic style, opposed to modern style, is also a favorite look to decorate one of your room. It’s because classic can also have the elegance of modern style yet still have its own signature statement which will never fail to make people figure out it’s a classic, not modern style. Unlike modern which is closely related to white and another neutral color, in classic style, you can get the other colors beside neutral. And you can be free to combine it as long as it matches the other. Now, we’re going to discuss about classic bedroom decoration. What makes a classic bedroom is stunning and interesting to spend the night with? What should we do to enhance the elegant look?

Original Classic Bedroom Decoration

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Classic Colors

The most important thing to consider is the color. Blue and white is the most recommended color for classic bedroom decoration. As you may have known, there are many different shades of blue, and you can use some of them to be matched with white. What are the things which should be in blue? First, your bedsheet. Make it plain without any pattern. Choose any shade of blue you like. Next, it’s the pillows. It’s true that the sheet for pillows may be the same with the sheet. So, to make it more colorful, you can add some throw pillows with different shades of blue and some patterns with blue in it.

The wall of the room should also be painted in blue. Make it a lighter blue which has blended well with white. Don’t worry about the painting. If you’re not sure which paint to choose, you can also use wallpaper in the same color to cover up your wall. Don’t forget to add blue in some accents of your room, like the color of frame in your picture or in your mirror. If you prefer to have sofa or other seats in your room, choose ones which have the combination of blue and sage green pattern. It will complement your over-all blue white color in a room. Besides, sage green will also add another layer of color. Carpet flooring in lightest blue is also recommended.

Classic Bedroom Design

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The Decoration and Arrangement

Actually, there’s no such specific rules for decoration, arrangement, or furniture choice for classic bedroom decoration. You can choose anything you like, as long as the color is matched with the whole style of your room. Wooden bed is nice, leather sofa is also OK, metal bed lamp is great too. For the decoration itself, hang some pictures that have blue and white accent in it. Those pictures can be anything, though it’s recommended to have simple painting rather than the complicated scenery painting. Like modern style, classic also never allows you to have clutter. Only the relevant and important things which can be placed in your bedroom. Plus, remove unnecessary decoration. In fact, the decoration you can have is only some pictures hanging on the wall, mostly abstract painting, which will emphasize the look of your classic bedroom.

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