Children Bedroom Theme Choices for Parents

Creating a bedroom for children will undeniably give you a sort of excitement. It is because this is your chance to have some fun and call back your inner child. There are many things to do when creating a comfortable bedroom for your kids. However, you just have to remember one simple and important thing; the bedroom should be fun. The thing is, the definition of fun maybe different for each kid. That is why here you can find some ideas for children bedroom theme. With a touch of creativity, you can have some fun together with your kids to make a great bedroom.

Children Bedroom Idea

Nautical Theme

It is not unusual for a child to have a dream as a pirate someday. If your kid is one of those kids, then nautical theme can be the best choice. You may not have thousand dollars to buy that expensive ship-like bed. However, with some this and that you can get the bedroom you want. First, start by painting the bedroom. White and blue are the most common colors for the nautical theme. If you can do it, you can have a mural decoration on the wall. Paint the wall with big wave picture and make as if the bedroom was the ship. If you can’t do it, you can simply paint the wall with baby blue color.

Next, you can also add wooden furniture and tile. Black wooden shade can be the great additional shading to the nautical color. After that, time choose the accessories. It is not difficult to find rugs or carpets with nautical theme. You can also arrange some stuffed friends that mix it. Put a wooden large box as a treasure chest that can be used for toy storage. Plus, you can hang the nautical netting beside the bed. Choose one side of the room to put one cabinet with nautical-themed toy on the display.

Nautical Kid's Room

Paris Theme

For the girlish style, Paris will never fail to impress most of the pre-teens as children bedroom theme. Creating a bedroom with Paris-themed means you start to embrace the sophistication as well. First, start from the wall. Having a wall mural with a picture of Eiffel tower or French café is not that hard. However, if you want it to be simpler, you can have a wall sticker instead. Put the bed against the wall and decorate each side of the wall with Paris-theme wall sticker.

When it comes to bed, you can pick a beautiful wrought iron bed. This will suit the sophistication of Paris. For the color, pink and black is the chosen palette for Paris-theme. Do not forget to have some throw pillows on the rugs below. Make sure to choose geometric pattern for the pillows. For the toy storage, you can put the stylish basket at the bottom of the bed. Or, you can use the basket as the decoration as well. Place it near the bed and fill it with stuffed animals. To complete this Paris children bedroom theme, add a small table near the bed for a chic pinky night lamp.

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