Bedroom Decoration Trend 2015

It is true that when it comes to decoration, you should go with your own ideas and preferences. You can decide which style that can suit you best. However, sometimes it is important to have a little more inspiration to light up your room. And if you are looking for some ideas, you should know that decoration has its own trend. Why don’t you check the latest trends and follow them? This 2015, bedroom decoration trend may be a bit different from the previous year. Nevertheless, the trend this year does not include some expensive furnishing and extravagant style. Good news for you then. Here are the things that you need to know if you want to redecorate your bedroom and keep updated.

Bedroom Decoration Trend

Color, Wall, Bedding, and Lighting

For the color, 2015’s trend is bold and strong color. Leave out those warm and pastel tones. The most used 2 tones are marsala red and indigo. Marsala red is a wine-red with earthy tone, while indigo is the mixture of deep blue and purple. These two colors will light up your room while at the same time it is not too bright and intense either. For the wall, wood plank paneling is the hot choice for bedroom decoration trend. The rustic style of wall combined with contemporary furnishing is a hot fuss.

When you choose the bed, the classic and romantic four-poster bed is the hot trend this year. This is not the bed with too much sentimental style that is completed with canopy. Make sure you choose four-poster bed without canopy. This kind of bed will never fail to keep you warm and comfortable at night. For the lighting, if you have the small light bulb in your ceiling, then it is the time for you to change it. In 2015, the perfect lighting is the statement light. Choose the oversized shade, chandelier, huge crystal lamps, or something unique and whimsical. This light should be able to cheer up even the quietest bedroom.

Bedroom Design Trend


Minimalism has been going on as a trend for the past few years and it has no change for this year. Make sure that you remove all clutters in your bedroom and make everything simple and peaceful. Choose minimalist color scheme, simple furniture without being too much, and even a bed without headboard can be the great choice.

Modern style in mid-century, around 1950s to 1970s is back into trends. If you like the retro style, then it is the time for you to light up your bedroom. You can add the touch of retro look with some furniture like nightstands or butterfly chair. In bedroom decoration trend, you may also have to add the warm metals. Gold, silver, pewter, chrome, and such are the best way to decorate your bedroom this year. However, make sure that the metal touch is not too much. You can mix and match some metals to get the metallic look, but just add a few touches as the accents in your bedroom to avoid being overdose.

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