Beautifying Your Bedroom with Pallet Decorate Idea

Pallet decorate idea is one of the modern designs which you can apply to make your house look stylish. The unique furniture or accessories which are made of pallet can make your house look trendy and different. Moreover, this design will cost cheaper than other decoration ideas. You only need to provide pallets which are cheaper than the common woods. You can also use the second-hand pallets which are still good to get the cheaper price. The job of making this kind of decoration is not so much difficult, so that you can do it by yourself to save the budget.

The pallet decorate ideas can also be used to decorate your bedroom. It will make your bedroom look cozier and chicer. However, you must make sure that you use the fine pallets. The rotten ones may contain some bacteria and be covered with mold. Besides, the fine pallets will long last and look more stunning. You can use those pallets to make headboard, room divider, and shelf to decorate your bedroom and make it look more fashionable.


Headboard which is made of pallet will diminish your boredom toward the common headboard. It will also make your bed look more stylish and modish. This headboard can directly be attached to the wall right above your bed. You can make it attached from the floor to the ceiling. You can also only make it attached for half meter right above your bed to make it more personalized, depending on your preference. To make it more beautiful, you can make the headboard whitewashed and sanded prior to disassembly. You can also modify it by painting some symbols, names, or pictures which you like. To make it look more antique, you can also paint it with the gold color then make it sanded and stained. Afterward, the stain is removed and you will get perfect antique headboard.

Pallet Headboard

Room Divider

If you feel your room is so big and wide, you can divide it into some compartments. By making the compartments, you can get two rooms with different functions in one place. For example, you divide the open space in your front room into two compartments: one for living room and another one for sitting room or family room. This idea can also be applied in your bedroom. You can make a separation room which you can use as your study room. To make the compartments more beautiful, you can use pallets as the room divider. The pallet room divider will separate your room but still let it open to the main room. it can also give a unique touch for your bedroom.

Pallet Room Partition


You can also decorate your room with the pallet shelf. Using this idea is much cheaper than buying the shelf from furniture shop. Perhaps, you only need 12 pallets which are nailed together to shape a shelf which is directly screwed into the wall using wall anchors.

Pallet Bedroom Shelves

This pallet decorate idea can be used to put your books, photo frames and some accessories to make your room.

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