White Bathroom in Modern Style

Have you ever seen an achromatic bathroom with only one color in its entire look? What do you think? Is it gorgeous, awesome, or maybe just plain boring? If you think having only one color in your bathroom is boring, then maybe you should think again. In fact, picking one color for your bathroom decoration and entire look is simple, and in simplicity lies the extraordinary. When it comes to the color, white is the most make-sense choice. Why? Because white will never fail to give you the elegance and luxury even at a first glance. So, let’s talk about white bathroom.

Inspirational White Bathroom Design

Image Source: Trsphoenix.com

The Style

White is usually related to modern look. That is why, this is the perfect style if you want to have modern bathroom. Having white bathroom is not as easy as it seem. It does not mean that you only have to pick every single white thing to be put in your bathroom. No. There are also the rules that you have to follow. First, remember that it is not just plain white. There are different shades of white. It is OK to have an ivory white for your bathtub, but maybe you want to install the tiling with broken white marble. For the vanity, maybe you want to have a creamy white.

Luxury White Bathroom Design

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Another thing you should know is, white sometimes can also be matched with gold. So, in order to add another color without breaking the rules of achromatic, you can add the matching color in a very subtle way. Remember, the matching color is not meant to stand out and be in equal with white. Let white be dominant, and gold be only subtlety in the background. So, how do you get it? Choose a bathtub with claws, and make sure its claws are in gold finish. Next, you should install the fixture or wall-hanging lights, of course with the white lamp shade, but with the gold color in its body. Or maybe you want to install a curtain around your bathtub. Make sure the railing is in gold color.

The Arrangement

Since it is meant to be a modern style, so you have to remove all the clutters. In modern style, less is more. It means you have to remove every unnecessary thing that can overwhelm your bathroom. When you choose a vanity, it should be a closed one with the drawers, so your toiletries can be kept organized inside without having to display it. Avoid showing off too many things in your place. Don’t forget to install a huge mirror as well, since mirror is also related to modern style. Plus, mirror and white color is two combination that can give illusion of bigger room. In a white bathroom, the most important thing is you have to clean everything up regularly. The only downside of having white as the main color is, when it gets dirty, it will be clearly visible and can ruin the entire look. So, make sure you are a hygiene lover.

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