The Benefits of Having Mirrored Bathroom

Do you have any plan to remodel your bathroom? Do you need an edgy inspiration and idea to make your bathroom look all new and different? It is true that there are many styles and looks out there that you can use. However, if you really stick to one style, say it is rustic, isn’t it a bit too boring? Why don’t you experiment a bit with the decoration instead of the style? With that, you can combine some parts of each style that you like the most in one space. Now, let’s talk about mirrored bathroom.

Contemporary Mirrored Bathroom

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The Arrangement

There should be one strong reason why this is called mirrored bathroom. Yes, you should be able to decorate your bathroom with mirror everywhere. Try to install a huge mirror in wall-length above your sink. So, it is not only a tiny square mirror that most people hang above their sink. Be different! Try something big that can cover up most of your wall. As if it is not enough, you should be able to find vanities with glass top, or any piece of furniture with glassy finish. It will enhance the mirror look in your bathroom, and it will surely make your space elegant and modern.

Next step, build a glass door. Divide the space for showering and washing hands. In the area between your sink and your shower, build a huge glass door. In fact, it does not have to be the shower area and washing area that should be divided. It really depends on your bathroom. You can divide the area for bathing and showering, for example. Or, you can divide toilet and shower area, or maybe the shelves and walk-in shelves to the shower area. Just make sure that you part your bathroom into two areas, and it should be a glass door that separates them. For the main door, you can also use blurred a frameless huge glass door.

Small Mirror for Bathroom

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The Benefits

So, what are the benefits that you will get from a mirrored bathroom? First, it gives the illusion of bigger bathroom. This is highly recommended if you have small bathroom and you want to enhance the space without really upgrading the area. Second, it will also give you the brighter room. This is also recommended if your bathroom does not have any real window that can deliver sunlight, especially if your bathroom is not so small. With only a few lights, how can they light up the entire room? So, with the mirror, your light and fixture will be reflected to all over the room. You don’t have to worry about dim bathroom anymore. Third, it will give you the chic and classy look. Glass and mirror actually represents modern style. And that style never fails to give you extravagant and expensive look, despite the real dough that you had to spend for remodeling your bathroom. So, are you interested in changing and remodeling your bathroom into something gorgeous and simply irresistible like this?

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