Small Bathroom Decorate Idea

A bathroom could be a perfect spot in your house after a tiring activities in a day or to start a day with full activities. Besides, this is also the spot where you can enjoy taking care of your body. Having a bath is not only about cleaning your body with soap and water. It is also about making your body feels fresh and comfortable to start a day or end a day. If you have a small spaces to deal with for you bathroom, here are some of the small bathroom decorate idea for you to consider.

Minimal Contrast Color

Bathroom is always identical with white color. White bathtub with white sink and white toilet. To create a drama in your bathroom, you can combine the white color with the cream color. For example, combine a cream color wall with all white furniture. Add a dark wooden color floor to make it perfect. The minimal contrast of white and cream or cream and wooden color will make the room looks larger. You can also combine the other minimal contrast color combination like pink and taupe or salmon and tan.

Dazzling Color

Just because you have a tiny bathroom, doesn’t mean there are no space for dazzling color. You can apply the dazzling color in the wall tile.

small bathroom decorate idea

Roman Blind Curtain

For your shower curtain or window curtain, choose a roman blind curtain that will fits the small spaces. Choose the color of the curtain that is lighter or darker than the wall color. Avoid using shower curtain with crowded picture because it will make your small bathroom looks also more crowded.

Two in One Bathtub

If you want to enjoy both the bathtub and shower in you small bathroom, consider using two in one bathtub which has two faucet for your shower or your bathtub. So, you can use the shower if you are in hurry or you can enjoy the time with bathtub sometimes.

Glass Door

If you choose to only add a shower to your bathroom, choose a shower with glass door to give the sense of spaciousness to the room.


A window will always give extra views and larger sense for a small room. Place the window near your bathtub and arrange a simple garden outside so you can enjoy the view while also enjoying your bathing time.

Landscape Scene

If it is unable to add a window to your bathroom, simply add a mural like landscape scene or natural view to give you a sense of distant view.

small bathroom decorate idea

Large Mirror

This is the cliché small bathroom decorate idea, but it always works. Reflect everything in your small bathroom so the space looks double. Apply some lighting fixture above the mirror to make the atmosphere feels lighter and larger.

Extra Storage

Utilize the empty corner of your bathroom to build some extra storage like drawer or hinges. This could be the home for your bathing tools, towels or maybe your beauty tools.

small bathroom decorate idea

Floating Sink and Toilet

To give extra spacious view to your small bathroom, consider applying a wall-hung toilet and sink for your small bathroom decorate idea. If you don’t have enough space to add a large mirror, simply add an ornate mirror and make it a vocal view of your bathroom.

small bathroom decorate idea

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