Simple Tips to Color Your Bathroom Area in Turquoise

Undeniably, turquoise is a really perfect color to add in any bathroom area, especially because it can creates the really perfect cool aqua atmosphere in the cleaning area. The question following this statement; if you really are interested in using this color in your bathroom, do you know about how to apply this properly in order to build a perfect turquoise bathroom theme? If you have no idea about how to do that, here are some simple tips you can follow. With these, you will be able to apply the color rightly without creating a look that is too much and exaggerated.

Cool Turquoise Aqua Bathroom

Apply the Color on Floor or Ceiling Only

Creating a perfect-looking turquoise bathroom theme can be done simply by applying the color on the floor or ceiling of your bathroom. However, you need to keep in mind that it will only be ideal when the color is applied only on the floor or the ceiling. Applying the color in both parts of the bathroom will only make the design to look too much. On the other hand, when you apply the color only in a part from two mentioned earlier, you can add another accent in your bathroom design in balance. Especially for the idea of adding turquoise on the ceiling, you need to know this idea is basically great, especially when white is another dominant color you use in the same area too. This idea can be another alternative to adding sky-blue color on the ceiling, which is factually boring enough because it has been used to many times before.

Turquoise Bathroom Design Idea

Distinctive Ways to Use Turquoise

The next tip you can do in creating turquoise bathroom theme is applying the color in some distinctive way. If usually people apply this color on bathroom walls and flooring in a regular way, you can try something a bit different instead. For example, you can use the color in the countertops of your bathroom cabinets and sinks. This would look even better when the sink you use on the countertop is glass sink, especially the one made in vessel style. This way, the color of the sink will never disturb the really nice look of the turquoise countertops. Other than this simple idea, you can add an area rug in bathroom area in order to strengthen the theme you try to build in there. Besides paying attention to how interesting the rug looks in turquoise tone, there is still another thing you need to pay attention to as well. It is none other but the compatibility of the rug’s characteristics to the characteristics of bathroom. In this case, you should at least be sure that the rug is made from material which can resist high level of humidity or even water. By doing this you can be sure the area rug is really the most ideal accessory you can put in bathroom area in order to support the turquoise theme you apply in there. Hopefully these ideas are beneficial for you.

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