Optimal Lighting for Your Bathroom

Having a rustic bathroom is cool, but having a dimly lit bathroom is another story. It is not actually cool if you have a dim bathroom, where you really need a bright light so you can wash and clean your body properly. Besides, you don’t want to do any mistake when you are shaving, do you? So, it is important to always have an optimal lighting for your bathroom. However, due to the mistakes in the concept of area or in the lighting placement, sometimes you still think your light in the bathroom is still not enough. So, how do you remodel your bathroom to enhance the light and make your bathroom shine bright like a diamond?

Elegant Bathroom Mirror Lights

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The Ideas

It is highly recommended for you to install a huge glass window in one wall of your bathroom. Make sure the window is in the same way of the sunlight when coming through your room. With that, you will always get the natural light even when your lights do not work properly. Next, it is also important for you to hang mirrors. Not just the tiny square shaped mirror that most people hang above their sinks, but the real huge mirror that can reflect light. This mirror will give you the optimal lighting you need. In fact, mirror can also give the illusion of bigger room. So, you will get double benefits of hanging huge mirror in your bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

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Next, don’t forget about the candle holder. There are many candle holder that you can buy on the market based on the style you chose before for your bathroom. But, in this case, this is not only a decoration, but also the additional lighting for your bathroom, so you will get the optimal light. What should you do with the candleholder? Put it near your bathtub and just sink in! Let the candles light you up. It will give you more dramatic look for the bathroom. Or, you can also just set the candles around your bathtub (if it’s possible) and just sink in.

The Styles

Actually, there is no specific style that you can name for this look. This is more like a decoration and arrangement instead of the real style. It means, this look is applicable for any kind of style, included rustic look that mostly requires dimly lit room. If you have modern look bathroom, this can be the perfect decoration since modern usually requires mirror to enhance its glamour and extravagant look. If you have contemporary style, this optimal lighting bathroom can also be the best choice since it has the simplicity in it. Plus, mirror is a timeless decoration. If you have vintage look, the candleholder will be more than just the additional lighting. It can be the decoration as well. It means, you have to be able to find one, maybe in a thrift store, that has a vintage style. No matter what style and look that you chose before for your bathroom, this lighting decoration is always applicable.

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