Masculine Bathroom Style with Grey Tones

There are many styles when it comes to room. If you are not sure which style that you would like to choose, maybe you do not have to choose any style, you just have to be able to decorate your bathroom in a certain way. If you have chosen your decoration, stick with it. It will personalize your choice. Now, we are going to discuss about masculine bathroom. Who said that decorating bathroom is only for women who are already married? You, as a grownup man, surely have a chance to decorate your bathroom as well. For you who live solo and single, here are the tips for you to personalize your bathroom in a masculine way.

Masculine Bathroom in Gray

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The Color and the Style

For the color, grey is always the best choice. You should know that this is the color that cannot be considered as feminine. Choose several shades of grey. For instance, you can use darker grey for the floor tiling, but you can choose lighter grey for the wall tiling and the vanity and the hanging shelves. Combine it with light brown if you don’t want to be boring with only anonchromatic look. You can use light brown for the sink. To add a bit of elegance, put some glass blocks in one side of your wall. It will reflect the sunlight outside.

For the style and look, your masculine bathroom should be angular and declutter. It may look boring, but try to avoid any round shape or too many decorations in it. It looks like a lego building with tiles everywhere. Install the tiles for floor and wall. Plus, you should also install the tiles for the frame of your vanity and the spot where your sink sits upon. Don’t forget to build a rectangular window in one side of the wall to make sure that your bathroom is always bright and full of light. You don’t want this bedroom to be mistaken as a ladies’ bathroom, do you? So make sure your toiletries is not too much. Do not arrange every single thing of cream, cologne, or such in a display. If you really have that many bath stuffs, keep it in your shelves.

Great Masculine Bathroom with Gray Stones

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The Arrangement

Most men prefer shower to bathtub. If you agree, it is better to install a shower in a parted small area divided by a tiling wall from the sink and shelves spot. If you want both, then your bathroom must be spacious. Put the bathtub and shower in one place, divided by the tiling wall. You may want to have hanging shelves made of glass. You can use the shelves to stack up your towels and bathrobe. Next to the shelves levels, you can put the vanity framed by the tiles where you can keep and organize your toiletries. When it comes to the lighting, just place the ceiling lamps that will not attract too many attention with its glamor. With that, your masculine bathroom is ready to use and you can show it off.

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