Interesting Ideas You Should Try in Designing Shower Room

Creating an interesting shower room design can now be done quite simply. Certainly, this is related to the fact that right now there are various types of bathroom supplies can be used for that. It is especially for the supplies belong to the category of tiles or some other similar stuff. To give you a clearer mind about the design, here are some examples you should get inspired from.

Brown Olive Shower Room Design

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Be Different by Adding Vertical Stripes

All this time, people tend to decorate the walls of their shower room by creating borders with horizontal stripes. While the fact is it is still fine to create such decorative look, something like this is used too many times that it is starting to get boring. The alternate solution you can choose in this case is creating a single vertical stripe, which can factually also be the most prominent accent in the room. A more specific example you should give a try is creating the vertical stripe by using chevron tiles arranged in such a way that the stripe looks like arrow pointing to a direction, no matter whether it is up or down.

Tiles with Unusual Angles for Shower Room Walls

A shower room design can also look interesting when you decorate the walls in different way. Here, the suggestion is using tiles with unusual angles instead of using common tiles. The effect resulted from the creating of this kind of shower room wall may be different based on the type of tile you choose. For example, natural stone tiles with unusual angles may result to a dramatic look, making every shower time to be more relaxing than ever.

Fabulous Flooring for White Shower Room

All-white shower room is boring and that is why you really need to do something about it. The best solution is by creating feature flooring with tiles in fabulous design. As an example, you can simply create a feature tile flooring with colorful flowers pattern. In choosing the floral tiles, it is so much better to make sure that white color is also still found in the design, such as white tiles with colorful flower patterns. This way, you will never break the white theme you have applied previously in the shower room. In other words, the feature flooring will be something contrast and compatible for the shower room at the same time.

Shower Room Design with Great Tiles

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More Patterns

The last but not least shower room design inspiration to give a try is using patterns in all parts of the shower room, started from the flooring to the walls, in order to create a rich design. In this case, you can choose the same pattern or different ones for the floor and walls. If by any chance you are more interested in choosing different patterns, please be sure that the color theme is still the same or at least compatible. This way, the custom look and richness of the design will look fabulous in overall. From all of these, which design that you actually are interested in the most?

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