How to Choose the Right Bathroom Tile

Choosing the right bathroom tile can be tricky sometimes. Wrong choice and you will turn your bathroom into something dark and stuffed. That is why it is important to know the kinds of tiles and whether they will suit you or not. No matter whether you want to remodel your bathroom or create the bathroom for the first time, make sure that you familiarize yourself with some kinds of tiles and their terms that you will commonly find. Here are some types of tiles that you ma have to know.

Body Porcelain and Tile

There are two kinds of body porcelain in tiles; color body porcelain and through body porcelain. Color body porcelain is the tiles that are glazed with some continuous colored stains from the glaze through all over the tile body. This is the best choice if you want to cover some cracks or chips. Through body porcelain is also known as unglazed tiles. This is the kind of tiles that used raw materials in the entire tile. This makes the pattern and color on the surface spread along the body. This is the best bathroom tile if you are looking for durability and abrasion resistance.

 Body Porcelain and TileFor the tile, there are two choices of tiles; floor tile and wall tile. However, generally any kind of floor tile is made for floor even though they can also be used for countertops and walls. Nevertheless, the wall tile can never be used for floor tile since the manufacturing process is not meant for floor using. The thing that you should consider when choosing the wall or floor tile is the abrasiveness of the tile itself. Keep in mind that the product that is considered as highly abrasive should be cleaned with floor scrubber, and it can be difficult. Picking the same tile for the wall and the floor can be the great way in designing your bathroom.

Shade, Caliber, and Rectified Tile

The shade of the tile, that is usually dyed, means the reflectivity and the coloration. The tile’s caliber means the size. When it comes to the size, tile shades are measured with numeric combination along with three or four digit, while the size of caliber can be shown normally in numeric. Generally, you may want to get the tile that has the same caliber and shade to get the consistent lines. This is also recommended for medium to larger tiles. Just make sure when you install the tiles, you know the variation to make the grout lines.

Rectified Tile BathroomLast, a rectified tile is the kind of tile whose edges are precise and clean because it has been finished mechanically. Rectified bathroom tile can be installed in narrow lines for the seamless style. Large porcelain tiles were made to mimic the wooden planks. This tile looks like the real wooden planks due to its minimal grout lines and rectified edge. Make sure that you use professional installation if you have tiles more than 15 inches to get the best look.

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