DIY Makeover Bathroom with Small Budget

No need to worry about budget if you want to remodel your bathroom. All you need to do is just using a bit more creativity to make your bathroom into something chic that you usually see on a glossy magazine. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to remodel your bathroom. Having a DIY makeover bathroom skill is all you need. Do not worry, even if you think you are not creative enough to remodel and recreate your bathroom, here you can find the useful step by step guides. Start to make your bathroom from hero to zero.

DIY Makeover Bathroom

Painting and Material

First thing first, repainting is the most basic thing that you need to do if you want to change the look of your bathroom into something better. If you have a small bedroom, it is recommended for you to repaint it white. White will never fail to create a spacey look. If you want to change the tile, make sure that you choose the chessboard style since it can also give an illusion of bigger space. For the bathtub, it is great if you can use white ceramics to cover the surface.

When it comes to the wall, you can install a huge mirror in one side. Make a string light and put it around the mirror to add dramatic feel. Next, if you do not have any, it is the time to have a shower curtain. Make sure that you divide the shower room to bath area. It is recommended if you buy white shower curtain and paint it on your own. There are many ideas that you can browse in the catalog. If you are not sure which picture that you should paint upon your shower curtain, you can decide the theme for your bathroom, and start creating something out of it. Floral or color explosion style can be the good choice for shower curtain in DIY makeover bathroom.

DIY Budget Bathroom


Start decorating your wall with the right accessories. Why don’t you hang some pictures on the wall? Besides the huge wall that you install in one side of the wall, it can also be great if you hang wooden frame mirror near the window. Next, try to do something with the mat. There are many cute mats in the market out there that can be the good choice for you. However, if you feel like creating it, you can make the rugs out of wool to be placed near the water closet.

Go with the details. Do not skip the small items like toilet paper holder or towel ring. You can spray them with a new catchy color, like gold metallic anti-rust paint. Try to change the knob of the cabinet as well. There are many choices out there that have different styles for different themes. However, if you don’t feel like changing any without changing the whole cabinet as well, you can also spray the knobs with a new shiny color matched with the towel ring and toilet paper holder. Thus, your DIY makeover bathroom will not leave you broke.

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