Choosing the Trendy Bathroom Tiles

If you want to decorate your bathroom or re-decorate it, the important thing is not only the decoration, like mirror, lighting, door frame, or even toiletries. Tiles, both wall and floor can also be the best decoration to make your bathroom trendy. When it comes to the tiles, there are many patterns that you can choose on the market. However, what kind of pattern that you have to choose? How would you distinguish between wall tile and floor tile? What is the best color? Should you choose based on the style of the bathroom? Here are a few tips to choose trendy bathroom tiles.

Awesome Effect of Bathroom Tiles

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The Tips

First, if you have a small bathroom, it is important to choose the same patters for both wall and floor tile. Why? Because it will give the illusion of expansion. With that, the meeting point of wall and tile becomes blur and you can get the bigger bathroom look without having to upgrade its space. When it comes to the color, it is recommended to have the monochromatic one. For example, chess tiles are the best idea for small bathroom. The trick of expansion is better in neutral colors. However, if you have a quite spacious bathroom, you can choose different patterns for both your wall and floor tiles. However, make sure that they are in the same shades of color. It will look bad and mismatched if you install both tiles with totally different patterns and colors.

Should you buy a big, medium, or small tiles? It depends again on the size of your bathroom. If you have small bathroom, it is recommended for you to have small to medium trendy bathroom tiles. Why? It is because picking a large tile will only dwarf your bathroom and make it even smaller. On the contrary, if you have more spacious bathroom, you can combine both large and small tiles. For example, you can install large tiles for the floor and the smaller tiles for the wall. Both of them can have the same patterns or different, as long as they match in the same shades of color.


Simple Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

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The Styles

Choosing bathroom trendy bathroom tiles should also depend on the style you chose before for your bathroom. If you have modern look, it is recommended for you to have white shades tiles, no matter what kind of pattern you choose. If you have contemporary or natural look bathroom, you can choose the tiles that have deep green hues with a streak of white. For those who prefer to have rustic bathroom, you can choose the tiles that resemble the wooded tile, if you do not want to have wooden tiles, of course. Just pick a tile that has brown or wooden shades. In fact, the choices are endless. If you want to make sure about your choice based on the style, you can consult with the professional about the better choice. Making your bathroom trendy only by choosing the right tiles as the decoration is not an impossible thing to do.

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