Choosing Bathroom Tiles for the Best

We all know that bathroom tiles are the main important thing to make great decoration. There are many kinds of tiles you can choose, from the pattern, the size, and the color. So, how do you know you choose the right one? There are some considerations for you to think about. Keep in mind that the tiles will play the great role in how people look your bathroom. Plus, it will also make you feel comfortable. Here are the factors for you to consider.

Luxury Bathroom Tiles

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The Style and the Size

First thing first, it is the style for you to think about. As you may have known, modern, rustic, country, contemporary, lively, or simple style, are the styles that you can browse through. Each style has its own look. That’s why you have to choose the decoration based on the style you choose. If you have modern style, for example, it’s better to have neutral and calm color, like white or its shades. It’s because modern style usually should have white color. You can choose the pattern as you like as long as the background color is white. If you have rustic style, you can choose bathroom tiles in wooden pattern, if you don’t want wooden laminated flooring. Wood is closely related to rustic style. If you don’t really like wooden pattern, you can choose ones that have brown shades like wood.

Vinyl Floor Tiles as the Best Bathroom Tiles

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Size of the bathroom also plays the great role in choosing bathroom tiles. If you have smaller bathroom, it’s recommended to have small to medium size of the tiles. Why? It’s because choosing large tiles will only overwhelm and dwarf your small bathroom, make it even smaller than it seems. For the pattern, small bathroom should also have tiling both floor and wall. Both of them should have the same pattern. Checkered pattern is the most recommended. It will create the illusion of bigger room, because the floor seems to expand to the wall. Choose also the neutral color, like black and white, chessboard look-alike, to make your bathroom appear bigger.

The Patterns

Choosing patterns for tiles should also be suited with the decoration. For instance, if you have glossy finish and look for your bathroom in modern style, you can choose dead white tiles. If you have metallic decoration dominating your bathroom, having tiles in silver shades will be the good choice. If you want to enhance masculine look with manly decoration, any shade of grey in your tiles will look good. If you have declutter bathroom with less decoration, it’s better to have colorful pattern for your tiles. On the contrary, if you display your toiletries in an open shelves to show it off and as the decoration, keep your tiles simple with less decoration. It will create balance in your bathroom. Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom will create harmony. It’s also important to make your tiles eye catching and not overwhelming at the same time. Because, in some cases, less is more and it should be applied in any way.

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