Buying Guides for Bathroom Vanities

Are you dealing with bathroom decorating job? That must be something confusing when you have to select best bathroom vanities the for your bathroom decoration. One furniture item that must be well selected is bathroom vanity. When you check the collection in online stores, you will find hundred options with different style and size. That must be a confusing thing for you to choose the best ones. That is why; there are sets of advices for you to get best vanity design in excellent material.

Considering the size

Of course, the size of vanities must be in line with the bathroom space. If you have modern bathroom design in large space, the installation of big vanity is allowed. However, for your minimalist bathroom decor, it is better for you to select it in smaller also. Besides that, there are three points for you to know for getting best vanity size. They are the depth, height, and width. Dealing with the depth, make sure that the vanity is completed with the drawer also. Therefore, you have space for keeping the bathroom equipments. If you are considering the width, you have to measure it from the top of vanity down to the feet. Make sure that it is not too long so that the application in your bathroom will not cause any problem.

Custom vanity style for elegant bathroom decor

Custom vanity style for elegant bathroom decor

Choosing the sink types

Besides considering the size, you have to choose it in the good sink type also. There are two choices for you here. Getting the vanity with single sink is so nice f you only deal with the simple bathroom design. If you want to maximize the sink function, choose the single sink in large will be a good idea. You have to consider taking it for your minimalist bathroom decoration. Secondly, you may get the sink with double sink application. The vanity with two sinks is perfect for your large bathroom decor. So, just think about taking it if you have the large bathroom decor. Usually, the sink is in 48” length. It is the appropriate size.

Selecting the right mounting option

Dealing with the mounted option, there are three recommendations for you here. Firstly, you may get it in freestanding style. This is the common types that you may find in any types of bathroom decor. The option is the wall-mounted vanity. If you do not want to be, crazy with the installation of vanity, having it in the wall mounted will be a good option. Just get it in the appropriate size so that your bathroom will be well decorated. Do you have small bathroom decor? If you do, you may consider taking the corner mounting vanity; this is the last option for you.


Now, you may go to furniture stores for buying the best vanity for your bathroom decoration. The most important thing here is about the budget to spend. You must be ready for spending a lot of money because the price might be so expensive. Later, having a perfect bathroom decor will be real because you have selected the bathroom vanity in excellent styles.

Soft color option of vanity ideas for master bathroom design

Soft color option of vanity ideas for master bathroom design

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