Budget Friendly Bedroom Ideas for Teenagers

Decorating teenager’s bedroom can be challenging these days. We as the parents are quite fed up with those styles shown on the glossy magazines that look like thousand-dollar budget. Those pricey furniture and chic tile, wall, and ceiling are undeniably a dream of most teenagers’. The good news is you do not need all of them to decorate or recreate your teenager’s bedroom. With budget friendly bedroom ideas, you can get the list of affordable things to make your teenager’s room pop without leaving you broke.

Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Furnish and Bedding

You do not need thousand of dollars to get stylish furniture. First, you can decide to have a chic vintage style for the bedroom. Start exploring the flea market. There are many good oldies with good condition and quality for the bedroom. It is even better if you can do some DIY projects with your teenager. Ask him or her together repainting the furniture or recreating it into something new. For colors, white will never fail to create a spacey feeling inside the room. It is recommended for you to repaint the vintage furniture in white if you have small bedroom.

The next important thing that you have to consider is bed. When it comes to bedding, many people said that it should follow the theme that you created first for the wall design. Actually, it is better for you to start with the bedding first. If you do not have any bed from the start, it is recommended for you to buy at the affordable stores such as Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. Or, you can save up more by buying from the sites like Overstock or Ebay. Many great deals you can find there to support your budget friendly bedroom ideas. You do not need those princess-themed beds as long as you have the comfortable one.

Budget Friendly Bedroom ideas


Now it is time for you to choose the design. Most teenagers like full color room. When picking the wall color, it is better for you to have a solid color. After that, you can overlay the solid color with another shade. Or, wall stencils can also be used to get the poppy theme. And when it comes to the floor, you do not have to use that expensive hard wood flooring to create the comfort. Instead, you can cover the floor with rug. When choosing the rugs, keep in mind not the pick natural fibers kind of rug since it is rough and not comfortable to sit upon. Wool rug can also give you trouble for it can shed. Shag rugs, though it is hard to clean, can be soft and comfortable.

Last, do not forget to accessorize the spots in the bedroom. It is the detail that makes the room cool for the teenagers. Try some DIY projects with your son or daughter to make a light string or other small items like box storage, throw pillows, or frames. If you do not have those DIY skills, you can always go to the secondhand stores and start to hunt the unique items for budget friendly bedroom ideas.

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