Bathroom Design Idea: Bricks to Add Warm Look in Your Bathroom Area

If you are a type of homeowner who thinks that bathroom area must always be made in smooth style with tiles here and there. Factually, bathroom area can be designed and decorated in so many other ways. The bathroom design idea that is about to be shared to you here is the idea of including uncovered and unfinished brick materials in order to warm up the interior shape of your bathroom area. In simple words, this exceptional idea is rather different since not many homeowners even think about using it. That is why it is also the one you should give a shot.

The Best Characteristics of Bricks

In this bathroom design idea, the most prominent thing is factually the characteristics of bricks, which finally also give some extra benefits to the bathroom area. The first characteristic is nothing else but the warm look that is resulted from the shades bricks commonly have, including reds and browns. This kind of shades is always best to combine with neutral color theme so the bathroom area will not only be warmer but also more inviting. In other cases, warm shades can also make an interior space to be cozier and more comfortable.

Bathroom Design Brick Wall Expose

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Other characteristic you need to know too is rustic look which can still be combined with something sleek and smooth if you want too. This rustic look actually also bring some earthy and natural tone in the bathroom. These are the best to consider when you think that the interior is lacking in natural touches or, on the contrary, you already have a plan to build the bathroom to own more natural atmosphere since this is the one you love the most.

Tips in Designing the Bathroom Area with Bricks

If by any chance you are interested in designing your bathroom area by using the bathroom design idea we talk about here, there are several tips you can factually follow. The first tip is to use the unfinished brick materials only to decorate the upper half part of your bathroom walls while the lower art of the walls is built with regular wall design. In making this suggestion true, it is so much better for you to separate between the upper and lower part of the walls by using chair rail in the same color with the lower walls. For you to know, this idea can also be replaced by choosing a wall side and decorate it with whole bricks material in order to turn this into accent wall.

Modern Traditional Bathroom with Bricks

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Other than the previous suggestion in using brick material in your bathroom area, there is still another one you can take into consideration as well. The idea is by using the bricks as the material of bathroom flooring instead of walls. If you choose this idea instead of the previous one, you can decorate the walls in the bathroom in a regular way. Other than this, you may need some professional help in order to install the flooring correctly so you will never get any damp floor in there.

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